New products

Mimer - the new Media Player

Mimer Image

Mimer is our latest in up market down scaled design. Captured within a timeless minimalistic format, we have paid focus on incorporating aesthetics with typical outstanding Bladelius high performance which has helped guide us to create this platform of unparalleled design, power and overall world leading excellence.

Embla Remote for the iPad

Embla Remote

Bladelius Design Group are proud to announce our first iPad app, the Embla Remote for the Embla CD and media player. Besides working as a remote, this app also enables you to use UPnP functionality with your Embla.

Introducing the USB DAC


The USB DAC is the first in a series of small accessory products that we are planning to add to the Bladelius product line. This is just not just another new USB DAC we have but a lot of effort has been done to make the USB DAC as analog in its performance as possible.